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Why does your coffee bag have no valve?

Some of the best coffee we tasted was in Valveless bags. Valves are needed to let carbon dioxide escape from the beans, especially on dark roast coffee that produces a lot of Co2. At the same time, we have noticed that valves themselves are often allowing small amounts of oxygen into bags, impacting freshness and cup quality. Our Valveless bag seals in the fantastic aromatic compounds and keeps our coffee fresh for longer.

What brew methods do you recommend?

Our beans are roasted to have great versatility across many devices, However my favourite method is Cafètiere. The metal filter allows fatty oils and sediments in the cup, so more body, texture and aroma perception.

As always, we’re also available to answer questions, give tips, and provide support.

Whole bean or ground coffee?

When we grind the coffee, we expose the precious aromatic compounds to the air.

Grind your coffee right before brewing to get the best possible experience.

Whole bean coffee keeps its freshness, flavour and complexity longer if it is stored properly.

We begin the storing process providing whole coffee beans into #valveless technology bags.

Keep up our hard work; don’t forget the bag open, zip it after opening it and keep it in a dry and cool place far from the hit and the sunlight.

Where did the name Specialty Cafètiere come from?

Thanks for asking?.. “Caffettiera” is how the Italians call the Moka pot, Cafetiere is the French Press. Both Italian inventions, are they both making good coffee? Follow us to discover more about it.  

What forms of payment do you accept?


We accept PayPal, Stripe and wire transfer payment.

When will my coffee be roasted?

If you’ve ordered beans your coffee will be roasted on our next roast day. We roast retail orders on Sunday every week, the coffee will rest from 1 to 2 days and It will be packed and shipped on Monday.

Why do you not sell ground coffee?

Ground coffee beans begins to deteriorate in less than 30 minutes. You should grind your own coffee to ensure you are getting all the aromas you are paying for.

What makes a Specialty Coffee so unique?

TRANSPARENCY: History, description, connection with the product and its supply chain parameters;

QUALITY: The highest level of quality is categorized as specialty coffee; It requires an excellent green bean purchase;

FRESHNESS: The first step is buying freshly roasted coffee then store it in a dry place away from the hit, keeping it sealed in its bag;
TEMPERATURE-STABILITY: When brewing is complete, flavors are intact and developing. This is the sign that you are in the right roaster’s hands;

BREWING: Regardless of how you brew the coffee, it turns out good, no matter barista’s skills. This is our personal experience with Ivica’s coffees!

What are Peaberries?

A Peaberry is a natural mutation of the coffee bean inside its cherry. Normally coffee beans grow 2 to a fruit, flat against each other, but funny things happen in about 5% of the world’s coffee, and a bean is born an only child.

What make Peaberries so special?

Because there is no way to tell from looking at the cherry itself whether there is a single or doubleheader inside, these little guys need to be hand-sorted after picking and processing in order to be sold separately. Fans think they taste noticeably sweeter and more flavourful than standard-issue beans.

When can I find the flavor peak?

5 to 14 days after roast.

Freshness is important, but not too fresh!

 After roasting, carbon dioxide and other gases start seeping out.

When coffee is very fresh, the build-up of COcan significantly affect brewing, making it much harder to get a tasty cup. During this time, CO2 escapes soquickly it negatively affects the flavor of your coffee by creating an uneven extraction.

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