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The Cafflano Kompresso is the first hand espresso maker that keep a promise ! Cafflano Kompresso is a compact and light-weight authentic espresso maker. It consistently delivers over 9 bar of pressure while extracting espresso, which is known to be the magic number for espresso.

What do you need for a perfect coffee extraction? 

 Water, coffee, Cafflano Kompresso, grinder and digital scale.

How to make a great cup of specialty coffee:

cafflano kompresso

1. Tamping scoop

2. Basket Filter/pulling handle

3. Pressing handle/piston

4. Chamber

5. Shower screen


Grind fine 14.5 g of Freshly roasted coffee.

brew guides cafflano kompresso 1

Add the coffee in the basket and tap it twice on a flat surface to make a perfectly homogeneous mass of coffee grinds.

brew guides cafflano kompresso 2

Put the tamper (scoop) in it and press gently but firmly.  The bed should look nice and flat.

brew guides cafflano kompresso 3a
brew guides cafflano kompresso 3b

Hit the water to 96° or if you can’t measure the temperature, boil the water and leave it for 30 seconds, it should fall within the desired range. Pour in the Kompresso’s glass some hot water, this will pre-hit the glass, this will not reduce the espresso’s temperature.

brew guides cafflano kompresso 4

In the mean while assemble your Kompresso: add the shower screen at the chamber, with the label facing the outside of the chamber.

brew guides cafflano kompresso 5

Screw gently the filter basket to the chamber, if you screw them too tight, it can damage the screen shower gasket.

brew guides cafflano kompresso 5a

Insert the glass through the two slots of the basket filter, then lock it.

brew guides cafflano kompresso 5b
brew guides cafflano kompresso 5c

Pour in the chamber 60g of water.

brew guides cafflano kompresso 8

Insert the piston in the chamber, press and release straight away  to activate the pre-infusion.

brew guides cafflano kompresso 9

After 5 seconds, grab the pressing handles and press down, with all your strengh.

brew guides cafflano kompresso 10

To get a good extracted coffee It will take at least 45 seconds with our single origin coffees.

If the piston goes down to fast, and you end up the process with less than 30 seconds to, grind the coffee finer.

If the piston is too hard, and it will take more than 50 seconds, grind the coffee coarser.

brew guides cafflano kompresso 11
brew guides cafflano kompresso 12

However, we always recommend to taste your drink, again, if the coffee tastes bitter, grind coarser to get the extraction time shorter, if the coffee is too weak and astringent, grind finer to increase the extraction time.


If there is one thing that who is in the Specialty Coffee industry can agree on, it is that good quality water is essential for brewing great coffee. Do you know that water is the main ingredient in coffee about 98% of your filter coffee?

Water for coffee extraction should: Be odour free and  hygienic, please see here below what you should look at when you buy water for coffee.

moka pot

The absolute crème de la crème of water treatment systems in coffee applications currently has to be reverse osmosis (R.O.). Traditional reverse osmosis systems use an extremely fine membrane to basically strip everything out of the water, leaving you with no hard minerals at all. However some new R.O. systems designed especially for the coffee market feature special blending valves allowing you to blend a variable amount of water that has bypassed the R.O. membrane back into your feed water giving you total control over the exact mineral content.

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