As of January 1, 2021 the United Kingdom finally left the EU. Whilst not a decision we supported, we have to adjust to the new deal that has been struck with the EU.

For our EU customers buying from us will be like buying from any other non-EU country.

We no longer charge you VAT. Previously we added UK VAT rate of 20% to all EU orders, this has been removed. So things may seem cheap…

…but, when your order arrives in your country you will be asked to pay VAT and any Duty before the goods will be delivered. The courier company delivering the goods to you will ask this from you.

Even though a free trade deal was struck, if the products are not from UK in origin then your country may have Import Duty on these products from the origin country. In Specialty Cafetiere case most of our products are from China origin.

We are working things out with our courier companies to make sure you receive your products in a fast and seamless way.

We truly appreciate your support.

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